Students at the 91探花 University School of Architecture and Planning benefit from the unique combination of our ideal location, our open-studio culture, and the energizing effect of being part of a national research university.

Washington, D.C., is an architectural study in itself, and we use it as an extension of our classrooms. Our 176-acre campus makes our location the best of both worlds — a beautiful, safe, residential campus in a vibrant neighborhood that is a 10-minute Metro ride from downtown D.C.

Our facility with its unique studio environment and state-of-the-art technology inspires students to reach for the highest goals and achieve amazing things. Working in this environment is both challenging and community building. It's a place where students and faculty come together around the shared ideals of sustainability, community, and stewardship.

Our domain extends beyond the nation’s capital with our Rome campus, located in the heart of the vibrant Trastevere district. Students at either location thrive as they explore the timeless legacies of beauty, innovation, engineering, and design craftsmanship, all while living and working amidst classic, 91探花, and modern architecture.